Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Choli Saree In Net Fabric For Sensuous Looks

Saree is the most traditional and yet most important item of clothing for Indian women even today. Since saree is so vital to women’s personality and dress up, it has undergone many changes and experimentations to fit not only to the demands and circumstances of the present times but also suit the style and personality of young modern women. 

While there are innumerable ways of draping this six yard garment, a style that has caught the fancy of not only the new age fashion designers but most young girls today irrespective of different cultures, regions and backgrounds is the Latest lehenga style sarees or choli saree. Choli saree or the lengha style saree is so called as this type of saree gives the look of lengha choli, while it is draped like a normal saree.

Also known as chaniya choli style saree, this latest lengha style saree basically presents an interesting blend of two most important traditional garments for Indian women, the chaniya choli or the lengha choli and the traditional Indian saree. Girls who want to look trendy and stylish, while at the same time want to stick to tradition and culture can easily go for the latest design chaniya choli style sarees online for various special and auspicious occasions like wedding ceremony, sangeet ceremony, grah pravesh etc.

Latest design choli saree
Net Fabric Saree
 The interesting thing about this lengha style saree which has made this style of saree extremely popular among the young generation is not only its fashionable looks but also the revolutionary style of draping this saree. Unlike the usual saree, you do not have to form pleats in this lengha style saree. All you need to do is just tuck the saree in the petticoat and drape the pallu over your shoulders and you are done. It is as simple as it sounds.

Instead of the pleats, the front of these choli sarees has a broad panel of embroidery or embellishments done over contrast fabric to give the look of rich lengha choli. The choli too unlike the conventional blouse is a designer choli in either corset style or noodle strap or halter neck type for more stylish and striking looks.

While banarasi silk sarees can be best made into choli sarees in contrast colors, lengha style sarees also look good in net fabrics. No attire can match the glamour, grace and sensuous appeal of a choli style saree in net fabric. The see through net fabric creates a sensual appeal while highlighting your designer choli. Thus, if you are looking to buy choli saree online, go for one in net fabric for more fashionable and sensuous looks.
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