Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Wear Your Bridal Lehenga In Style For The Most Important Day Of Your Life

So the day you have been waiting for so long has finally arrived and you have absolutely no clue of what to wear for the most important day of your life that can make you look drop-dead gorgeous and the cynosure of all eyes and attention. White it is true that marriage is an auspicious occasion and requires one to dress up traditionally and formally, doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and fashionable.

Traditional wedding dresses such as sarees, salwar kameez and lenghas under the creative touch and fiery imagination of the new breed fashion designers like Ritu Berry, Manish Malhotra, Sartya Paul, Rohit Bal etc, have now undergone deep change to give rise to stylish chic wedding dresses that can easily transform any girl into a glam goddess on her wedding day. However, of all these designer bridal wear for women, the outfit that stands out in terms of both glamour and grace is a well designed bridal lengha choli!


Designer bridal wear
Designer Bridal Wear
 So on a day when you want to look your best and glowing in happiness and charm, a well fitting party lengha choli can make you look and feel like a royal princess. While red is the traditional color for Indian bridal dresses, more and more young girls are experimenting with new and vibrant colors to look stylish and chic on their wedding day. So when style is primarily a matter of instincts, go with the color that best describes your personality and none can stop you from looking ultra gorgeous as woman is beautiful automatically when she feels and looks comfortable in her skin.

While it is true that no woman is perfect and every woman has flaws, the opposite too is true, each woman has a unique feature that adds to her beauty and natural charm. So girls, stop fretting over those thunder thighs, bulky shoulders, skinny legs, and blah blah…, remember it is your day and you are bound to look the best. A designer lengha choli is especially designed to make you look beautiful while at the same time hiding your flaws and highlighting your best features.

So what if you don’t have that six pack abs or a well toned mid riff? Wear a well embellished and heavily embroidered fitting choli that ends where your lengha starts to look stunning and gorgeous. Moreover, a corset style choli on a mermaid style lengha can make any woman look divine and attractive. However, if you have those lovely collar bones with great well built shoulders, go for a halter neck or deep neck choli for a style that anyone can die for.

So on a day when all eyes are going to be on you, a creatively designed party lengha choli out of all saree designs can make you look like glam diva on your wedding day. You can also buy bridal lengha choli online from gravity fashion for ease and convenience.
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