Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sarees - The Trademark Outfit of Indian Women Representing India's Vast Culture and Heritage

Sarees is the most ancient trademark outfit of Indian women. It represents India's vast culture and heritage. Every Indian woman loves sarees irrespective of geographical area, race, age or color but every region women have their unique draping styles.

With the changing times, patterns in sarees have definitely changed, heavy silk sarees have been replaced with printed silk sarees and traditional designs have given new funky and modish embroideries and embellishments. The result is what the craze of the attire has increased ten folds.

Designer Saree
The new era sarees known as designer sarees are the eternal favorite and weakness of every Indian woman and there is no doubt that these are amongst one of the graceful attires in the world. There is hardly any dress that matches the grace of these vibrant sarees. Designer sarees are nothing but a new avatar of traditional Indian sarees and a combination of designer sarees with matching sleeveless blouse is make a lady look at her most attractive and appealing best.

Until a few years ago, women wore woven sarees with full sleeved blouses and very little designs. Whatever design was there used to be very simple. But nowadays blouses have become trendier. Backless blouses, halter necks, noodle straps and sleeveless styles are gaining popularity. 

The latest fad for formal party wear sarees are the designer chiffon sarees with mesmerizing patterns engraved with latest designs and motifs which are ideal for most Indian culture, social or religious extravaganza.

Printed sarees with embroidery are the perfect wear of the season and is adored by every fashion freak women due to its lightness and ease of carrying and thus a perfect sheen. Latest printed sarees designs comprises of floral prints, geometric prints, abstract prints, animal prints. The vibrancy and elegance of these sarees have created a buzz on the fashion runways and is a must have closet for every women.

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